Carli: 'Sarri i网上赚钱项目可靠s almost obsessive'

"Is he meticulous? He's almost obsessive. If he could not prepare training sessions – perhaps because of the wind – he went crazy convinced that on Sunday we would concede a goal from a dead-ball situation.

"Maurizio needs to have serious people around him," Carli told Gazzetta dello Sport.

It was a big step-up for Sarri when he joined Napoli, so did he hav真人外围投注e any hesitations when he made the move to a top club?

Sarri left the Tuscan club for Napoli back in 2015, with the director praising President Aurelio De Laurentiis for his bravery in the choice.

"And in Serie A we increased his contract by two years after five defeats in a row. Maurizio understood that at Empoli, football is not just gameplans or澳门外围投注 making a war. It’s sharing.

"I enjoyed going into his room and bringing him a sheet of paper or a pack of cigarettes. Then he was OK. He told me that he learned in the bank to be organised."

Empoli sporting director Marcello Carli reveals that former boss Maurizio Sarri is 'almost obsessive' in his work.

"Maurizio was concerned about the relationship with the top players at Napoli. But after a month [Marek] Hamsik and [Gonzalo] Higuain adore皇冠外围投注d him. The champions love those who makes them play well and win.

"He needed trust. He understood that we would never have betrayed him. We defended him although he had put together just three points from the first nine games.

"There was so much respect between us that sometimes I allowed myself to tell Sarri things that I would never say to another Coach.

"He must never forget that De Laurentiis had the courage to place him on a prestigious bench. Courage that other Presidents have not had. Also remember that Maurizio needs the right habitat in order to look great. Napoli is a perfect world for him."